Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Night Out

No one around here has just one day of birthday. Oh no. We keep it rolling as long as we can stand it. Tonight was the dinner out with the literary type friends.

Literary type friends and their adorable rug rats!

Of course we went to Luchitas because we are all about supporting local small business and we are in LOVE with the food. It also helps that we have an in with the owner. He was so happy we were there that he bought our birthday boy a second margarita. (He's sleeping it off right now.)

And a dessert with a lit candle on top!

I knew that it would be a long haul of a visit and that there would be munchkins so I threw our bag of Nak Naks in my purse just for something to play with at the table. The Girl played with them most of all building some terrific towers.

Thanks to Jason, Wendy, Erin, Brad, Stacey, Mike, Kai and Cooper for hanging out with us tonight!

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