Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Sleep for the Addicted

I love to watch the Olympics. While that is not a unique statement, especially right now, I'm very secure in my Olympic love even during non-Olympic times. We got cable because of the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games. Before that we had an antenna line that we strung around the living room and occasionally out the front door to get reception. We got second television in 1996 because of the Atlanta Summer Games. Cable showed up for the second set for the Nagano Winter Games in 1998.

If it wasn't for the Olympics, we would still have that antenna hanging out the door. I truly believe this.

But these Olympics are killing me. They are so exciting and interesting... and late. They are running really late into the night and it's messing me up. I have got to get up to watch zombies in the morning and every night I'm keeping my eyes pried open so I can watch bobsledding, ice dancing and ski cross. My sleep schedule is a wreck. I came home from zombie duty today and instantly fell asleep sitting straight up in a chair!

So tonight, no Olympics for me. I don't know what events are happening and I don't want to know. (Okay, that's a lie. It's women's short program skating. But I'm resisting!) It's Lost tonight and then right to bed. The Olympics will have to do without me for one night.
(This is actually an Vancouver anarchist movement poster. Seems not everyone is happy in the Great White North. I just like the art and that it says "Resist" at the top.)


Paul said...

Sounds like you should make this Olympics the excuse for getting a DVR....will change your life!

Nance said...

(I bet Paul works for your cable company! LOL)

I am completely bored with the Winter Olympics. And trust me--I wish I weren't. Because that is ALL THAT IS ON TELEVISION FOREVER. About the only thing I find interesting is Short Track skating because it is so incredibly ridiculous! Virtually anything can happen, and even if you get knocked off the track, you might still be allowed into the semifinal round. There is too much yammering during skating, and I still think the fix is in for certain people. The snowboarding stuff was okay, but bobsledding is boring to me. You can't really see much going on there.

Besides, all that snow and ice makes me cold and reminds me too much that WINTER IS STILL HERE. Sigh.

J. said...

Paul: We talked about it and this would have been the year to do it. The concern is the cascade effect that getting a DVR would have on the rest of our equipment. Without a doubt our TV won't be up to snuff for a DVR. So there's a new TV. Which would lead to a new cabinet/ storage situation. Which would lead to rearranging the living room... It would get out of control fast. It's better just to suck it up for awhile longer.

Nance: The yammering is bad. I'm with you there. But being an addict, I'll watch anything but hockey and get sucked in. It's an illness.