Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I saw today

How about just some interesting pictures today?

The Boy spotted this tree in my tea this morning. It looked a bit more tree-like before I tried to take the spoon out.
The zombie room I'm in this week has this bucket of pointers.
Another teacher came in the room while I was standing on a chair getting this shot. Here they are from the side.

And that's all you get today. I've got Olympics to watch.


Nance said...

I love that tree shot.
Why so many pointers in that class? What do they do with all of them?

J. said...

They do this activity in the morning called "Read the Room". The kids run around with the pointers and read the stuff that's written on the walls while they point to it. It's a wild time seeing all those little kids running around with sticks!