Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Make Happiness

Today was my first day with my long term zombies. I had two ways I could go with them: I could do every little thing their teacher did in just the same way and keep the status quo or I could announce my presence with authority by shaking the place up with all new procedures and a room layout.

I went with the second option.

I rearranged their desks, moved the teacher's desk, completely removed an unstable easel, took away the pencil sharpener option, got rid of raising hands to answer questions, used the unused in-room microphone system (I found in in the storage closet), increased the number of room jobs from four to fourteen, made an official place to put finished work and instituted a mid-morning snack.

They took it all really, really well. I might even go so far to say that they loved the changes. Wait until they see what I have in store for them tomorrow!

But this post is actually about my own children. This week they don't have to be to school until 10:15 instead of the usual 8 AM. (This is because of graduation testing and freshman don't have to be there for that.) When I left for work they were both still in bed. Also today, for a first time all year, The Girl has no homework at all. The Boy had some but not the crippling amount like usual.

And what does extra sleep and no homework get you?

Happiness. Lots and lots of happiness. Right now I'm listening to my kids laughing away in the basement while they change loads of laundry. They've been silly like this all afternoon. They watched an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 just because they could. And when they are in a good mood, I'm in a great mood. I even made brownies tonight to celebrate all this happiness.


Nance said...

MST3K--we've talked about this before. How I adore that show! MITCHELL being the alltime best ep ever.

Weaver said...

we played with pipe cleaners today for our little bit of happy and it was great!

(I also might have stayed in bed after Brewer got home and took his shower. I might have even fallen back asleep. I might not have felt bad about either!)

grammy said...

Thanks for such a happy post. Now I am smiling too!