Saturday, April 03, 2010

Birthday Party Escapades

This post is two days late. I wish to thank the three of you for not calling me out on that.

The party was a huge success! At it's height we had 23 kids at the house, so it wasn't that bad. The best gift that the kids received by far was the weather. The thermometer in the kitchen read eighty-two when the party started. It hovered right in the mid-seventies after sundown making the candle-lit patio a nice hangout alternative to the stuffy house. There were kids running in and out of the house all night long. Thank goodness I had the forethought to send Marco away. It would have been an impossible situation with him in the mix.

The boys were bound and determined to just play Xbox the entire time. One of The Boy's friends brought his Xbox over to talk to our Xbox. It was all just too cool.But the girls had other plans that first involved attacking the boys with balloons.

Defeated temporarily the girls headed outside to plan their next wave of attack.
And to build a human pyramid.

In the end the girls forced the boys to go on a scavenger hunt and play hide and seek or maybe it was sardines. The evening ended with all of them outside on the patio. The Man and I sat in the kitchen and listened to their very grown-up sounding laughter.

We ended up with WAY too much food and drink. Like embarrassingly too much. We'll be eating pizza around here for a long time.

One more Happy Birthday to the Girl and Boy! What a fantastic way to celebrate it!


Nance said...

But pizza freezes really well, so that's good. And soda keeps forever. You really lucked out with the weather!

Weaver said...

sounds like a great night! Congrats on making it thru!

Happy, Happy Birthday (yeah, i'm late, what can I say?)

J. said...

Nance: The pizza was packed into the freezer the next morning. This pop might be here until the Fourth of July!!!

Weaver: It's never too late for a Happy Birthday!