Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marco's Birthday

In the week leading up to today I would occasionally mention one of the other people around the house that it was the dog's birthday on Sunday. The conversation usually went like this...

Me: Yo, it's Marco's birthday Sunday.

Other Human: Oh yeah? How old is he going to be?
At which point I would mumble something about finding out. No one had a clue how old the dog was but we had several spirited debates about it...

Me: He's going to be seven.

Other Human: No six.

Me: I think it's seven.

Other Human: Weren't you going to look it up?

I just looked it up and in fact today he is six. Eventually someone will mention that he is forty-two in dog years. Not to worry old boy, you're still just a big dumb puppy to me!

Happy Birthday Marco!

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