Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday and a Crash

Here is what I bought myself for my birthday.A cast iron dutch oven!Isn't it a beauty?
Of course it had to have legs to get charcoal underneath and a concave lid to put the charcoal on top. I can't wait to take this thing camping.

I baked my birthday cake in it. Devil's Food Cake with raspberry. Yum! Warm cake right out of the dutch oven with cold ice cream was bliss.

From the kids I received a new super soaker to replace Pixie's Gun which finally bit the dust. Here's the boy with Pixie's Gun back in 2006. Pixie's Gun was a gift from my secret pal at camp back in 1991. I'm pretty sure Flame gave it to me. I spent many a summer day terrorizing little girls with that super soaker.

My new gun is a bit of an upgrade.

When both tanks are full it weighs over eight pounds. It has a strap attached to help you carry it. It has three settings: Light, Medium and Soak. It's an intimidating thing indeed.

A nice dinner out, family on my patio and a new watering can rounded out my birthday into a lovely day.

Then I gave myself one final gift.
In a moment of sheer grace I fell off the back porch and proceeded to get the worst scrape I've ever had. It hurts like a mother.


Weaver said...

what totally awesome birthday presents!!! well, except for the scrape, boo!

It just seem like your birthday without crappy cake with Pixie and Jester on it at Pineway cabin :)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Pix!!!

Nance said...

I hope you never, ever, EVER grow up. Happy Birthday.