Friday, July 09, 2010

Pleasant Valley Splash

So I didn't Facebook post even one time at camp. There is no reception out there at all. The campground in literally in the middle of nowhere so it shouldn't be a big shock but all the same I was irritated.

It's probably a good thing that I could post because real time camping would have looked like this:
  • WTF? You can't drink the water here? Thanks for advance notice GS!
  • Deer flies! They're everywhere! They seriously give me the creeps!
  • This cabin is not GS clean. Leaving this place better than we found it will not be hard at all!
  • Running to Tiffin to get water. What is with all of this traffic?
  • Another train? I'm never getting back to camp!
  • It's never too hot out for campfire s'mores.
And on and on from there. It was hot, steamy hot the whole time even when it was raining. The cabin had mice which makes you distrust any surface unless you personally just wiped it off. And there was something making loud sporadic buzzing noise just enough to jar you awake over and over again.

With all of whining said and done I can honestly say we had a really good time.

Duct tape is a great thing to play with when it's too hot to do anything else. Look at the lovely water bottle make-over.The Girl attempted to create a duct tape bikini. Here's the front and back of the bottoms. She ran out of yellow tape to put it together. Will she ever finish this? We'll see.
I mentioned the mice. Here's what we found our first morning out there. Check out the tiny tooth marks. I imagine some little mouse had a tummy ache after this feast.Our second day, we decided to beat the heat by wading in the creek that runs through the property.
Co-Leader Supreme found a deep spot much to her dismay, I mean delight.It was not so buggy down at the creek and the water was ice-cold.Look at the size of this crayfish! None of us are the type to pick them up. Lucky crayfish!
This shot was supposed to be another crayfish but it ended up being just shine on water.
I included that last shot because right after I took that one I found a deep spot in the creek. Plunk I went right into the drink. The camera was in my pocket. Obviously the memory card is fine because I have these pictures. So far though the camera itself is acting wonky.

I've got high hopes that the camera will pull through this. During day camp two weeks ago I dropped my cell phone in a bucket of water and it came back to life two days later. Three days after that The Girl had a water bottle self-destruct in her purse and soak her phone completely. It took about two weeks but now her phone is fully-functional again.

It's good to be home now. Tomorrow The Boy will be home from his camp and we'll all be together again, for exactly one whole day.


Nance said...

This is reminiscent of the Water Park Post. My only question is this:


Okay, I thought I was done, but I am not.


My idea of camping is when the inn/motel/hotel has no ice machine on our floor.

J. said...

I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it. But the best stories are the ones that involve things going very wrong!