Friday, August 20, 2010

Beep Beep Beep and Beep

You remember Meg.

Motionless Meg steadfastly watching...

My new birds!

Four little zebra finches happily beeping away in their giant cage. There are two boys and two girls. And no, I'm not breeding them. Never again with that craziness.

It's been many bird-less months around here. I didn't know how much I missed having them around until they were back.We are back to very noisy mornings, having the TV drowned out and occasionally pulling Meg off the top of the cage.

In other words, back to normal.

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Nance said...

Oh, I had finches! Naturally, one was named Atticus. (Had to: it's the English Teacher in me.) Had one named World B. Free; she (yeah, I know. We didn't name her. She was an escapee from a mall pet store; hence the name.) used to lay eggs all the time. And she was obsessed with Rick. Went crazy everytime his head went by her cage.