Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Cats Turn Four

This day is almost over, but I couldn't let it close without some pictures of Jack and Meg today on their fourth birthday.

This has been the look on Meg's face for the past day. Tomorrow I'll post why.
She really hasn't moved much.
These are the best pictures I've ever been able to take of her. She's usually a non-stop kind of cat.

Jack on the other hand tends to take it easy.

Really easy.

Really, really easy.
Until he wants something...Then he wakes up and turns on the charm.

Happy Birthday Kittens!


Nance said...

Oh, did Meg have some vet time? :-(
I'm in Conflict right now about getting The Kittens declawed. I continue to clip their nails, but it's an ordeal catching them in a coma to do it, yet I just dread the thought of the Whole Operation for some reason, esp. for Piper.

Happy Birthday Meg & Jack. (He has a nice, comfy belly on him!)

J. said...

That belly on Jack is a work of art. I love to rub it. He's not such a fan, but he'll put up with it.

My guys are not declawed. The articles I read about the procedure scared me off. Mamacat and Jack don't mind having their nails trimmed. But it takes two people to catch, hold and trim Meg.