Friday, August 13, 2010

Magazine Time Coming

If you have a subscription to a magazine, you know that you also have a steady stream of renewal offers from the magazine itself saying "Last Chance" and "Makes a Great Gift". Please, do me a favor and never ever order from the publisher, no matter how fantastic their deal is that week. Put that "Buy One, Get One" envelope offer right in paper recycling unopened.

There will always be kids selling magazines. Always. Buy from a kid. It's the very best of fundraisers because you are getting something you already want (unlike kitchen do-dads or candles) and the parents don't have to schlep a product to your door and hound you for cash (there is a certain kind of cookie that comes to mind).

The Girl will very soon be selling magazines for Girl Scouting. All the munchkins from all of the schools will be doing the same thing. Get a new subscription or renew what you've got with a kid. (My kid preferably!)

Oh, and by the way, magazines make great gifts!

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