Monday, August 09, 2010

Family Camping

t's been weeks of camping around in here some form or another. Day Camp, Boy Scout Camp, Student Council Camp, Aviation Camp and Dance Camp. We are just home from our last camp of the summer: Family Camp. We headed off to Maumee Bay State Park with nineteen friends for three nights of tent camping.
The weather was a bit too warm and sunny during the day, but the nights were cool enough for sweatshirts and blankets. Our last camping trip with this group of friends ended with everyone going home a day early because of non-stop rain. This year it was clear the whole time.

Our campsite was just a bit too far away from the shower house so we rented bikes including this tandem.The Man and I rode it all over the place with this. I always helped pedal but sometimes I would just close my eyes and cruise along. I also mastered texting while riding this. The kids were impressed.
There was a boardwalk hike through the site. It was one of those things that sounds like a good idea at the onset, but about halfway through you realized you made a big mistake and now it's too late. You're trapped on this walk and might as well see it through to the end.

I'm including this pictures, not to prove what a good daddy The Man is making sure his girl has on bug spray (though he is!), but more to point out the trees. The number of dead trees in the campground and the surrounding area is so depressing. The boardwalk hike went through whole sections of nothing but dead trees. It's all because of the Emerald Ash Borer which is spreading through Ohio and surrounding states. Our own county is infected but hopefully the quarantines put in place will prevent our area from taking a big hit.

This is what they do to trees. Not pretty. Back at the campsite there was football, hanging out (Note the lack of shade!)
and s'mores.

Ugh. I'm actually too tired to keep going. I've got unpacking to do and a crippling amount of laundry. Stay tuned for our adventures at the beach, the best camp food ever and how I know for certain that being a Texas Hold 'Em Dealer is not the career choice for me.


Nance said...

What's up with NO SHADE? Was there just no shade at any campsites, or did you get there too late to get a good one with shade?

This is the third blog in which I've read about s'mores in a week. I feel like it's a Sign.

J. said...

No shade. None. It's just a lack of trees. Are all four of us sunburned? Yep yep yep yep.

Weaver said...

so jealous!!!

but the kids are thrilled cause your camping pics have inspired me to let them campout in the living room tonight :)