Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jet Skis and Good Eats

This is the post that involves zero pictures because I didn't have the camera with me for either of these days. (On a side note, the camera that fell in the creek has made a full recovery.)

Maumee Bay boasts two beaches. One is on Lake Erie and the other, across the parking lot, is a man-made lake with ringed by a huge beach. The Lake Erie beach is for boating and water sports not involving swimming. The man-made lake is for swimming. Were there people swimming in Lake Erie? Yup. Were there people boating in the little lake? Nope.

Friday we went as a group to the Erie beach.

And rented jet skies.

And rode jet skies.

Super fast.

Now you're bummed there's no pictures aren't you?

The Girl and I went out on the jet ski and were literally scared to death. You get barely any training besides, "Stay away from everything else," and "If you find yourself on a collision course with something, bear to the right." Then they put you on it and say, "Squeeze this to go. Let go to stop. Steer." That's it.

It was a lot of fun, in its own terrifying way. Bouncing over the waves. Gunning the motor all the way open. It is unbelievably fast when you are actually on one. (Remember now that we are a couple of girls who just recently flew a plane. You would think that a jet ski would be a piece of cake. We both agreed we felt safer on the plane.)

We took turns on the jet ski. The boys went twice and we went once. Once was enough for us.

The next day we went to the man-made beach. Not as an exciting day because we four were already miserably sunburned from the day before. The Man and I sat in the scrubby shade of a lone tree for the afternoon. Behind us were some jabbering foreigners who's tabletop grill got knocked over and they lost all of their yummy smelling food. Bummer.

Speaking of food, I have never eaten so well on a camping trip. Each family was in charge of two meals and one snack for everybody. Being the newbies on this trip, we were assigned lunch both days and instructed to just bring stuff for cold cut sandwiches. Our snack was pie iron pizzas. Couldn't be easier.

The other families seemed to be in a competition with each other. Every meal was better than the next. It was outrageous. Barbecue chicken, steak kabobs, waffles, omelettes. We ate better at camp than we do at home! And every meal worked. There was nothing burned or undercooked or just completely flubbed as camp food tends to go. I've got to step up my game if we go camping with them again in a big way.

One last story. This is not about camp but what happened directly after camp and involves at dimly lit room and lots of cards. Stay tuned.

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