Monday, April 11, 2011

Flash Forward

Here's a quick recap of everything I probably would have wrote about if I wasn't asleep at the wheel.

Dance Team season ended.  It was a long, long season.
(No pictures.)

The Girl got her class ring.
(No picture.)

We got a new TV.  It's the most awesome thing ever.
(I do have pictures.  I'll post them soon.)

We went to Pittsburgh to be tourists and see Daniel Tosh in concert as a surprise to the kiddos.  They were super surprised!
(The pictures I took all involve us standing in the rain in various Pittsburgian locations. Pretty skipable.)

The Boy joined the tennis team.  He had no tennis background before he joined.  After two weeks of practice, they started having games with other teams.  He loves it.
(Some pictures, all action shots.)

We had our yearly pierogie making party.  The new dough recipe worked fabulous and we all ate and ate and ate until it would have caused a medical emergency to eat anymore.
(No pictures. They wouldn't be pretty anyway.)

The kids went to Thespian Conference for a weekend.  The Man and I lost our Childless Adult minds and ran around like mad.
(Seriously, no pictures!)

Marco hurt the same paw in two very different ways in ten days time.  I never imagined I would have to say, "Where's all this blood coming from this time?"  But I did.  The trip to the vet was emotionally damaging to both of us.  But his paw is all better now.
(The one picture I took is too pitiful to behold.)

Dance Team started up again.  We had five weeks off.  It actually makes me a bit woozy to think about.
(If there was a picture, it would be of me with my head in my hands.)

The kids turned 16 and threw themselves a huge party.  There were 25 teenagers here at the house.  I got an amazing deal on pizza, they put lights in the trees and had a fire out back. 
(I think I saw some cameras out.  Not mine though.)

One the pieces that The Man made in art class won an award in the student art show.  The piece that won is quite amazing. 
(I would take a picture of it, but it's still at school.)

The Girl got her braces off.  She looks beautiful.
(Okay, I did take some pictures.  I'll post them later.)

Today is Marco's birthday.  He's seven.
(I've posted plenty pictures of him before.  He looks the same.)

I'm home alone tonight.  The kids are at rehearsal for the musical this weekend.  The Man is bowling.  I played Plants Vs. Zombies for an hour while I though about writing all of this.

No, I'm not proud of myself at all. 

But I did write this.  Perhaps I'm back.

Anyway, I promised you some pictures.  I won't make you wait too long.

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Weaver said...

hey, welcome back to the blogging world :) I'm thinking you all sound busy enough that you have an excuse not to blog :) Can hardly wait for pics!!