Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leader Dinner

Last night was the Girl Scout Leader Dinner.  As the Service Unit Director I have had to organize five of these dinners in the past.  Some were successes.  Some were admittedly lame.  But the main purpose was always just to gather together as leaders, enjoy a meal and give out much deserved awards.  This was the first one in a long time I no part at all in organizing.  None.  Zero. Zilch.  I didn't even know what was on the menu when I showed up.  I'm lucky I went to the right place on the right day at the right time.

I am humbled to say today that last night's leader dinner was the bomb. The location was beautiful. The food was outstanding. The ceremonies were brief but touching. The awards were presented in a classy manner. There was a table laden with door prizes and I won a nice big candle in a scent that I didn't hate.  (That's actually a bit of a challenge for me.)

And there was wine. Bottles and bottles and bottles of wine.

Alcohol and Girl Scouting are two things that I have never, ever, ever seen before in combination. At least not at this kind of event. Sure, it's wine that makes the day camp planning meetings chug right along, but that's just us and we are at someones house.

Luckily I was standing with my day camp director when we discovered that beside the carafes of iced tea and water there were uncorked bottles of every type of wine you could want to sample. Without much discussion, we each had a glass of Riesling.  Within a few minute I just went back and brought the bottle to live at our table.  Save on steps that way.

It's good to hand over the responsibility to the new, upcoming guard.  One shouldn't be stuck in the same position forever.  And if this is how the newbies are going to throw dinners, then I am all for it.

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love it - thanks
Day camp director.