Friday, May 13, 2011

Brand New Scouts

Our Boy Scout troop has had a membership problem for the last couple of years.   This past year we were down to eight registered boys, only six of who ever came to things and two of those were graduating soon.

Things were looking grim.

But then, through a series of visits to Cub Scout pack meeting, even more phone calls and quite a bit of pleading, we got a brand new bunch of fifth graders to join the troop.  This week we had our first Court of Awards ceremony where they all received their first Scout rank.

Now look close.  Can you tell the new guys from the old guys?

It might be tough to sort them out, but here's a hint:  There's four new guys, four old guys and two leaders in this shot.

Here, I'll point out The Boy for you among this crew...

There he is!

Not long ago The Boy was the new guy in the troop.  The troop in those days was also suffering from a membership problem because a bunch of the guys were ready to graduate.  Can you find The Boy in this picture?

No need for a big giant arrow to point him out here!

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