Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Music Man Recap

When we were leaving to see the show Friday night, The Man made the claim that the only reason he was agreeing to go was because the kids were in it.  He hates "The Music Man".  Hates the story.  Hates the music.

On the way home, he admitted it wasn't as bad as he remembered, but he still didn't like it.  A little progress at least.

If we just focus on the school's performance itself, it was so much fun.  All of the kids did a terrific job.  The Girl was a joy to watch dance and perform.   Every "Ye Gods!" was cuter than the next.  Her dancing partner was successfully was able to lift her and at one point she jumped into his arms and he held her until the curtain closed.  I didn't get to the see The Boy since every scene change happened behind curtains, but he was back there pushing those heavy set pieces on and off.  He's got the bruises to show for it.

But let's think about "The Music Man" as a story.  One word comes to mind:  Reprehensible.  It's a show about a con man who gets away with everything through of a combination of charm and dumb luck in the form that parents blindly believe everything their children do is amazing.  A true ending would have had all that tar and feathers they were gathering put to good use.  The townspeople don't care that he's fallen for the librarian by the end of the story.   They are not even aware of that situation.  They are way too hopping mad about being swindled over paying for a fake band, and they should be.

Luckily for Professor Hill, the bright colored uniforms and shiny instruments show up.  They are more than enough distraction to keep everyone off balance.  The noise is heard as music and Harold Hill is saved.

But saved for how long?  "The Music Man Part II" would be an interesting affair I think.  Harold Hill stays in town to start his new life with the little librarian.  But the townsfolk are still expecting a band.  Eventually they are going to expect to hear music.  What will Harold do?

I guess that's why the story ends when it does.  These questions are just too big.

Anyway, here's the Girl and her stage boyfriend for two shows looking adorable.

PS:  Everything my children do is amazing.  I would fall for Professor Harold Hill's fake band right with everyone else.

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