Thursday, May 03, 2012

National Honor Society Induction

 Much to my heart's delight, last night the kids, and almost all of their closest friends, got inducted into National Honor Society.

You know these three.  No surprise they get to share this moment as well.

My cutey girls.
I didn't think of it until we after we left, but I should have tried to get a shot with all of their crew together.  This is a small pile of them anyway.

The 88 new inductees to NHS of EHS.  If you can get this picture bigger, The Boy is right in front on the corner.  The Girl is buried in the back row.
The reception afterward was a claustrophobic affair in the auditorium lobby.  There was lots of congratulating, hugging and cookies.  We went out for ice cream afterward.

You two make me so proud.
Love, Mom

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