Friday, May 04, 2012

Drowning in Pics

It's been quiet around the office for the past week.  Silent actually.  We are in a bit of limbo between tax season and getting busy doing the rest of the year stuff.  The Boss has been gone for three days.

I've kept busy during this time going through old memory cards from the camera and getting things uploaded to Flickr.  It seems that around 2009 I just up and quit caring about uploading and organizing pictures.  The memory cards are a complete mess.

So slowly, carefully, I am uploading batches and instantly organizing them into sets and collections.  Then I go right back to the card and delete the files.  I know if I don't delete right away, they'll be on the card forever because I won't be able to remember if I uploaded them or not and then I'm too lazy to go check if they are sitting in Flickr or not. 

That's probably what happened back in 2009 when I just gave up on the entire process.

But here's some love to Flickr.  Thank you for being so easy to use.  Thank you for constantly coming up with updates that somehow make things better, every time, instead of worse. Thank you for helping keep track of all of these pictures because I truly despise the idea of scrap booking and was barely on board with photo albums.  It's like you were made just for me, Flickr, and I love you for it.

PS:  I know that Flickr widget runs the most recently uploaded photos.  If you see pics in there with The Girl in braces, now you know the reason why.

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