Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wide Mouth Frog

Okay the title of this post relates to a joke that most people don't think is funny but cracks me up so hard I can hardly tell it.  And it's a joke that has to told out loud.  Wouldn't be funny to read at all.  So all and all, the title of this post is not getting job done.  Let's get right into the story then...

The Girl has been sick.  Coughing, sore throat, feeling crappy kind of sick.  But yesterday was Physics Day at Cedar Point so she couldn't, she wouldn't miss that.  When I dropped her off in the morning, she sounded exactly like my daughter.

What I picked up 13 hours later was a loud, raspy, deep, deep, DEEP-voiced frog woman.

Her voice was so loud and so foreign I had to stare at her all the time when she spoke or I didn't know who was speaking.  It was hilarious.  She's tried so hard to tell us about her day and what she rode and what she ate and all we could do was laugh at her.  And then she would tell us to shut up in that deep crazy voice and we would laugh harder. 

This morning she woke up with no voice at all.  Just a raspy whisper.  She's not in pain, she just sounds that way. 

I'd rather have the frog woman back.

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