Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Prom Attendee

First I couldn't find my memory card reader.  Then I remembered it was at work.  But when I went to work, I forgot the card.  Then I remembered to find the reader and grab the card, but the cord attaching the reader to the computer was missing.  I ripped my desk and then the entire office apart until I could it.  Then I didn't have the card with me anymore.

But now all of the piece are together, in one place, functioning correctly and you are rewarded with pictures of seriously handsome Boy.


 Oh my goodness.

The plans for prom were a bit sketchy right up to the end.  How was he getting there?  Getting home?  Getting to After Prom?  Getting home from After Prom?  But eventually, he had it all ironed out.  My only part in it was getting him to Big-Beautiful-House-At-The-End-Of-The-Street.

"Do you know which house I mean Mom?"

"Ah, yep.  I sure do."

So we got him there and then girls in gowns and guys in tuxes started showing up all over the place.  More and more and more kids dressed to the nines filled the beautiful lawn.  And the owner of the home provided cold beer and cocktails for the parents while the kids visited and took pictures.  It was awesome!  Thank goodness I brushed my hair!

Here's the reason that The Boy got to go to Prom, Kate.  She's been in The Boy's art class all year and asked him to go as friends.  Awwww!

The hostess wanted a group picture of all of the kids who had shown up at her house.  They tried several locations around the property.  This is finally where they settled on.

As for The Girl, no Senior asked her to Prom which was fine because at the time she was still speaking in just whispers.  She spent the night at the friends' house and came home in the morning talking like the Man-Frog again.

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