Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Yard of Loss

Note:  This post was way too much trouble to get together than it should have been. It's taken days!

Once I had a hammock.  A colorful retreat suspended in the trees.  Here it is in happier days, back when Mamacat was still just the stray in the yard,

Here is my hammock now.  Chewed and defiled by rodents, probably of the mouse persuasion.

They ate through the ties too, just to be spiteful.  Utterly destroyed.

Once I had a lovely chiminea.  So many many many days and evenings were spent in front of it.  Plenty of hot dogs and pie iron pizzas.  Even more s'mores. 

Look at it now.  Reduced to a planter after the bottom fell out.  A clever use, yes, but it's not my fireplace.  

Doesn't even have any flowers in it.  Just a pot of dirt.

Once I had a lovely sunflower garden with majestic giants swaying in the breeze.

Now the only residents are two trees that are pushing their luck and a freak of a prickly weed that's about 100 times taller than it should be
Oh, woe is me.

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