Friday, October 05, 2012

Coming Soon in the Lives of the Andersons

Tomorrow is the next cross country meet.  It's in Medina which I can't remember ever going to before.  Maybe we were excused as parents to attend.  Or maybe they've  just never run there before.  The Girl runs at 10 AM.  The Boy runs at 11:40 AM.  Last week, 90% of the team got their personal best times.  Most everyone at that meet got their best times ever.  There's been a lot of finger pointing that the course was short, but what's done is done.

Tuesday, October 9th, The Girl has a choir concert at 7 PM in the Performing Arts Center.  The choir director, for some unknown reason, thinks this show is going to be huge and has scheduled a second show on Monday, October 15th, just for those people who get shut out of the first show.   I don't know anyone who clamors to get to one of these shows.  Everyone is there out of pure obligation.  I don't have a very high opinion of the choir director in the best of times, but scheduling extra shows, just in case, really knocks him down a few more pegs.

Wednesday, October 10th is a band concert, which we've never had to go to before, but this show has Comedy Troupe performing as well, so off we go.  I don't know the time yet for this show or if The Boy will actually be in any of the skits since it's supposed to be short.  Stay tuned.

And that it.  Boy Scout popcorn sales still roll on.  My shed is stacked the ceiling in the stuff.  Booth sales start tonight, but it's raining so I'm probably going to have to cancel.  Not disappointed that I won't have to stand outside on a Friday night trying to sell something nobody wants, but at the same time, every box sold gets us that much closer to the sale be over and done with.

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