Friday, November 09, 2012


Tonight is opening night of "Harvey" the Elyria High School Drama Department fall show.  Neither of the kids are in the show since rehearsals and cross country overlapped.  The Boy is on running crew which means you can go see the show and not see him for the entire performance.  I haven't seen him all week because he's been busy with tech week.   The Girl helped out with painting the set on Saturdays.  She's not down with tech week stuff so I've seen her lots this week.

But there are plenty of other of my favorite kids in this show so I'll be there tonight supporting the department, all of these talented kids and, of course, my favorite crew member.   The set is supposed to be a two- sided spinning contraption.  I'm excited to see them try something so new.

Performances tonight and tomorrow and 7:30 PM.  Sunday is at 2 PM. 

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