Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Tree Day!

Everyone has a different way to get the holidays started and when they put up the tree. Some are Thanksgiving Day people. Lots are The-Day-After-Thanksgiving People. One notable family I know is die hard Nothing-Before-December-1st. Today, the 5Th, is our day. Today is our anniversary and we have almost always been able to go out and get the tree today.

We're leaving here in a bit to spring the kids from school to go tramp around in the woods and find the tree. On the way home, it's lunch at Boccardi's in Birmingham for the best pizza without question. I'll post later tonight with some pictures. Should be interesting because right now it's snowing like crazy.

Happy, Happy Anniversary to Weaver and Brewer, the one anniversary I can never forget! Here's hoping we all have a fabulous day!

And, of course, Happy Anniversary to you E. Thank you for 14 years of love and Christmas Trees!


Weaver said...

Happy anniversary guys!!! enjoy the pizza!

(whenever I think of boccardi's, I always remember Jeanne's son's head getting bashed into the wall by tinder. Well, that and Echo (was it Echo?) explaining that she always has a bra with her but that she carries it in her fanny pack. and that without said bra, she can (could?) do tricks. Check out the crap rolling around in my brain) :)

Hope you find the perfect tree!!!

Nance said...

How notable IS this family?

J. said...

Only as notable as they want to be, of course.