Thursday, December 07, 2006

Forward Christmas

The trip to the tree farm was very successful. Without a doubt, it was the quickest we have ever found a tree. Usually it's a lot of "Yeah, that one's okay, but let's go look over there first." Over there being like a half a mile away. But this time we saw the tree and that was it. Here's my mighty warrior over his quarry.
This year the tree farm bought this neat tree carrier which is a million times better than carrying the damn thing yourself through the snow, mud, and unexpected pits. The kids had a big time with it as well. The only flaw in the day was that Boccardi's was closed. That place never keeps the same hours or days from month to month! It's the best pizza, but the way they run the place is a complete drag! We ended up coming back to town and having lunch at that Mexican place that moved into Red Robin. It was okay, but not Boccardi's.

So now the tree is up and decorated. All the Christmas paraphernalia is out as well and the boxes are put away. I still haven't put up my kitchen tree yet and we haven't put up any lights outside. The way it snowed today, lights outside might just get skipped this year.

Tonight, I'm working on Christmas cards, can't you tell? Okay, I'm going to start working on cards once I finish this. We've gotten seven cards thus far and each one is a reminder that I need to get a move on. But here's a strange thing: One of the cards that came today is a complete mystery. Neither of us have any idea who sent it; we don't recognize the name. It's addressed to us, our name handwritten on the envelope, but nothing personal inside, just a pre-printed card. Being that I don't actually know them, I'm not sending a card back, but here's some recognition anyway: Dan and Cathy Nixon of Wellington, Merry Christmas to you, too!


Weaver said...

Maybe you "know" her from Girl Scouts? Yeah, I know, no help from me.

The tree cart looks like way too much fun.

My children are terribly sad to hear of a former Red Robin. It is their favorite place to go, but they call it Red, Red Robin. No real idea why, they just do :)

The kids decorated the cards last week. they are still in the enclosed porch "drying." I may never send them

Your sister said...

We got the same card!!! Jim said, "You must know them since they are from Wellington and you know people from Wellington." I'm not sure I agree with his logic, but there must be a common thread if you got the Cathy Nixon card, too. We need to get to the bottom of this!