Monday, December 11, 2006

Meme This

Nobody has directly asked, but the coincidence is just too much. The two main bloggers in my life, within a week of each other, both wrote meme blogs. One was "6 weird things about me" and the other was "5 thing you didn't know about me". So I'll cut the difference.

Five and a half things about me that may or may not be weird:

1. I can't sleep in absolute silence. I can't sleep if I can hear music or a TV. I have a magical little machine that makes white noise that knocks me out in no time flat.

2. While I grew a whole inch when I was 18, my feet are the same size they were when I was 12. I shop in the little girl part of the shoe store.

3. I hate when the phone rings. It sets me right on edge. I think it must be because it's how my day starts everyday, a phone call. I'm also not fond of the answering machine. When I see that little light flashing, I usually think "What now?!?!??" That said, if you end up on the phone with me, I'll talk your ear off.

4. I love Christmas decorations. You'll never catch me complaining that stores put them out to early. They could leave them up all year as far as I'm concerned.

5. I'm the world's biggest tea snob. Iced Tea is the only thing I've ever sent back in a restaurant and I've done that on several occasions.

1/2. When it comes to big musicals....


Weaver said...

Iced tea! It's never a sure thing to order it in the north, but down south. Oh the wonderful tea down south! You have to bypass the sweet tea of course because its sweeter than hummingbird food, but the tea is always fresh brewed. Never bag-in-a-box mix out of the soda machine

Nance said...

1/2...they're better on stage than they are on film. And there is NO EXCEPTION TO THAT RULE. ;-)

J. said...

the other half is "I would love to perform in one someday!"