Friday, December 01, 2006

Even got a homepage for my...cats

There's a new link at the cafe today: We Need Homes, my new webpage created just for getting rid of these cats. In a guide that I read about finding homes for animals, one of the things it said to do was make flyers and hang them up everywhere. But I'm thinking, what a pain is that! And there's not a lot of places around to hang up flyers anyway. And finally, does anyone read those crumpled cornered flyers you see at Convenient? I barely glance at them most of the time. If you're shopping at Convenient, you're in a hurry!
So this site is my solution. Tomorrow I'm going to the newspaper to place an ad in directing interested parties to read all about my kitties at the website. I figure it's better than wishing they would go away, which is all we've been doing so far!
A word of warning: I heaped it on heavy! It's chuck full of guilt and heart wrenching sentiment. Have a hanky at the ready!


The Uncle said...

Hay J. We just got 18 inches of snow, and are going to be in the single digets for temps the next 2 days. I'll gladly release them in the back yard, end of the problem! LOL

Brewer said...


Nance said...

Good luck on farming out the felines. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and the kitties. But, I'd plan on having residents. It's hard to get rid of cats. I should know: I've been trying to get rid of mine for 16 & 8 years now...!