Monday, September 17, 2007

Singing River Weekend

Our weekend out to Singing River was a big success. The weather was a little cool, but it stayed sunny all day and crazy starry at night. We had 12 girls out with us this time. Our afternoon lunch down by the river was every one's favorite part without a doubt. The girls built a fire and cooked out hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores on the beach. Then after can see where the girls ended up! Only a few fell in but they all had a big wet time finding clam shells and sinking ankle-deep into the clay on the opposite bank. It's been fairly dry, so the river was very low and slow, perfect for kicking around in. And going into the river wasn't an unplanned thing; these girls brought towels, extra clothes and shoes just for this! And yes, Weaver, they went up to Olive's Grave, but not at midnight, sorry to say. My foot and I had to stay behind for most of the hiking, which didn't make me, my darling co-leader or my girls very happy. But there's always next time!

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Weaver said...

Oh. thanks for the happy memories! I love the clay in that river. Hearing of it reminds me of my very first day camp. The theme was water and we learned about how things settle and got to fill jars with some sand, water, clay, small stones and watch how things settled. I actually kept that jar for years. I really needed the smile today. thanks for sharing the pics and fun! Wish I could have been there. I have dreams of buying the field in front of camp and getting to live there forever :)