Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bye Bye Tree!

Remember my tree? Yesterday, the city gave us an early Valentine surprise. They finally took it down! Just in time I think too. Big sheaves of bark were just barely clinging to the limbs. Every gust of wind brought down a sizeable pile of branches, some of them pretty damn big.

It was quite a production from the looks of it. Three trucks and a crane. I was at work, but the man got these shots.

Now all we have left is this, which is pretty sad looking. The neighbors all say that the stump-grinding-out machine comes a few days after the tree guys. I hope so.

As happy as I am that the tree is gone, it still is strange and sad to have that big open space in front of the house. It's going to take some time to get used to the sight.

Waiting in the wings, literally, is the replacement tree. This two year old baby oak has been spared my clippers for just this situation. I told myself, if the city actually ever shows up and takes away the dead tree, I'm putting this guy out there to replace it. This little sapling's "Mommy" is my biggest and baddest tree out back. With that kind of lineage, this little one has got a pretty good shot out there. That is, if it survives the move. I'll keep you posted!


Weaver said...

Wow! No more big tree. Here's to the baby tree making it in his new home :)

(I'm doing my best to get to the post office this morning!)

Heather said...

You might also consider checking out the Arbor Day Foundation website:

The trees are dirt cheap, even for non-members, and they have a great variety. One of the ornamental trees might be a better choice for a tree lawn.