Thursday, May 07, 2009

Annie Jr.

Tonight is the big night for the kids. It's opening (and closing!) night for the school's production of Annie, Jr. (The junior part being that it's a shortened version of the musical just for junior high age kids.) The Girl will be dancing across the stage as one of the maids in Daddy Warbucks mansion. The Boy plays duel roles. First as the dog catcher chasing Sandy (and there's a real dog in the show) and then as Bert Healy, the radio show host. We found The Boy a terribly spiffy jacket for the Bert part at a costume rental place. It is something else! I'll try to get some good pictures tonight.

I've already seen the show twice, in bits and pieces. They did two shows yesterday morning, once for the seventh grade and then again for the eighth. I volunteered to be the girls dressing room monitor. I fixed hair, repaired buttons, found shoes, approved make-up and said "Shhhhh!" about a thousand times. When I wasn't desperately needed there, I would sneak into the back of the gym to catch a part of the show.

Tonight's show is the last one they'll do. It's strange set-up with one show on a Thursday night, but that's how it goes.

As for me, I was back at my happy gig today in probably the cleanest school you've ever seen. Starting Monday, school is starting an hour earlier everyday to make up for the seven missed days. They are also extending the year by one extra day into the summer. While the extra hour in the morning will be a drag, it's got to be better going an extra week! The past week and a half I've been put in a slew of ugly places with yucky zombies. It was a relief to home again!


Weaver said...

hope the show goes wonderfully!!!

Nance said...

Texas isn't making their kids make up any of the days they've missed. Haven't heard about NY. Wonder what the deciding factor is.