Monday, May 04, 2009

Too Much China

Just a quick complaint here this morning. The Amazing Race has spent way too much time in China this season to the great advantage of Victor and Tammy who are winning with a huge margin right now because they both speak Mandarin. Last night's challenge was to go to a restaurant, take the orders of five customers, repeat the orders perfectly back to the cooks and then serve the customers. It took Tammy and Victor no time at all to get this done. Poor Lakisha and Jen struggled and suffered with this task, like you are supposed to on this show. But they succeeded and that was really something. And they didn't lose because of a potty break. They lost because they got U-Turned.

Victor and Tammy have been yukking it up with people on the street, shop owners and taxi drivers while in China sometimes to the detriment of the other teams. I know this is a game and if you have an advantage you should use it, but to have two back to back episodes in a Mandarin speaking country tips the scales too far.

And since it's Amazing Race that we're discussing here, let's just put up a picture of Phil, just because.


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grammy said...

I am in total agreement with you
on Amazing Race and could someone please do something about the audio feed we are hearing? It makes me crazy by the time the hour is done. On the bright side
at least the show came on at eight!
Love the yard shots. We have a little purple ground cover out back this year. YEA!