Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring Yard

I covered the yard pretty thoroughly last year, but here's a few shots from this spring.

We've always had red tulips.

We've always has yellow tulips.

But this year we also got orange tulips!

A weird but lovely surprise.

Now, can you spot which yard is ours?

We have the slightest inkling of a suspicion that our neighbors hate us. But I think it's beautiful to have a purple yard, even if it's just for a couple of weeks.


Nance said...

We used to have that lovely purple ground cover stuff. I think it's delicate and pretty. What is it, do you know?

And congrats on the orange tulips! I think they're stunning.

Weaver said...

if you EVER do anything to those beautiful violets, I will weep long and hard!!! I LOVE those gorgeous blossoms! and am totally jealous of them. you could make violet jelly. One of my old GS leaders used to take her troop (long before me) to Singing River every Mother's Day weekend. They would make violet jelly and then pretty up the jar to give to the moms when they got home on Sunday.

J. said...

Nance: They're wild violets. They are a weed, no matter how pretty they are and the fact that I have very little grass in the front yard proves it. If they bloomed all year long, I wouldn't mind a bit, but the purple is a one time thing. After that, they are just an ugly little plant.

Weaver: Violet jelly, eh? Your GS leader was quite a woman. Whenever I'm at Singing River I think you and your disgusting s'mores!

Weaver said...

generic chocolate frosting is disgusting? oh, hell yeah it is!!! nothing like that white tub with the black letters to ruin a good thing :)