Thursday, September 03, 2009

A subscription in begging

(It's that time of year again...sorry.)

You know all those magazines you get? And you know how each magazine bombards you bi-monthly with their friendly reminders about your subscription expiring in seven months? Please just throw those letters in your paper recycling bin as soon as it hits your hands and instead renew your subscriptions with The Girl.

For the past three years Girl Scouting as taken on magazine sales to go along with the silly nut sale. This sale ends just in time to dovetail nicely with the cookie sale starting and for me overlaps Boy Scout popcorn. Fun, fun, fun!

Adding magazine sales to the mix has been a bumpy road for Girl Scouting. I didn't get to attend the Kick-Off this year, but I'll never forget the screaming voices bouncing off the rafters from last year. Many leaders I've personally met have told me that they just don't do the magazine part of the fall sale and focus only on the nuts. But those nuts are a rip off, I tell them. Just go after magazine renewals instead of new subscriptions. It's so much easier, I plead.

No, they say. Not going to happen.

Come to find out that I personally love the magazine sale because a giant pile of product doesn't end up stacked my dining room waiting to be delivered. If I have to be stuck in the non-stop world of fundraising (which I am), then at the very least I would like to support the one product that inconveniences me the least.

So if you have any magazines that you are considering for renewal anytime over the next two months, you know your hook-up!


Nance said...

No offense, but why do Scouts do such awful fundraisers? Magazines, ripoff popcorn (big bucks for the world's cheapest food)? No thanks on both, sorry, but I always come through for Cookies!

J. said...

Nance: You certainly do on cookies! We appreciate it!