Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to the Zombie Ranch

Yesterday was the second day of school for the majority of the zombies in the city. The second day of school and I got called in.

Now I will confess that being a zombie sitter for so long I am very quick to judge. Very quick and unforgiving. I've seen way too many teachers having an out-of-town wedding the day of the Halloween party. And dentist appointments? How is it that they always land on Field Day? Not that I blame them. These zombie wear you out. If you can figure out a way to skip the Valentine's Party with the nightmare of the one little girl who gets something mean written in her Transformer valentine, why wouldn't you?

But missing the second day of school? Really?

Truly, I don't know where this teacher was and no one offered me an explanation. I'm sure it was for a very important and legitimate reason because why would any teacher want to throw little zombies into that much confusion right off the bat. But come on! It's the second day of school! Did you forget it was coming? Did you think school was only going to last one day this year? (See there. More quick judgement. I warned you I was harsh.)

I doesn't help that I'm not particularly fond of this teacher. Doesn't help at all.

The only part of the day that I really enjoyed was kicking around in my favorite school and visiting with everyone. There are lots of new faces there since the demographic of the school has shifted to being kindergarten heavy with four classrooms of the tiny ones. The whole place feels different and...shorter.

Since two of the elementary schools in the city were closed last year, my fav school also picked up some new teachers in the shuffle. Some are unfortunate additions to the school. When I saw the staff roster, I could only sigh and think, "Oh. That's a shame".

Yes, more judging. But I feel qualified in this one. I've been in every elementary classroom in this city. I've seen all the lesson plans, classroom layouts, special projects, poster placement, schedule juggling, classroom management techniques and homework philosophies. I know a sub-par teacher when I see one. You want to know the scoop on a teacher, ask a sub. They know all!

Today is the third day of school and no call. This is not a surprise. My phone doesn't usually start ringing until around the second week of school. That's when the waiting rooms of every gynecologist in the city is standing room only with elementary school teachers.

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