Monday, October 05, 2009

What you do with freedom

The evil zombie job is over. On Friday I had to train the sub who will be taking over that little corner of hell. More power to her! The word now is that the real teacher won't be back until after Thanksgiving. I wrote the new sub two days of plans and gave her a crash course in SmartBoard use. She confessed to me at the end of the day that she's fine with the curriculum, but she's never dealt with the behavior issues that this room presents. Yeah, well, welcome to the jungle.

This job has not left me unmarred. My skin is a wreck and I need to re-do my hair color ASAP to cover the gray. I'm not joking here. Two weeks should not do this much damage to a person. At least last night I didn't dream about it. The road to healing widens!

This weekend The Girl ran her 5K in 26:25. W00t! That same afternoon The Boy and I attempted to sell Boy Scout popcorn outside of Home Depot. It was a bust but we has a big goofy time together trying to get people to just look at us. Later that same night (after a long nap), The Girl went to Homecoming with some of her girlfriends.
While The Girl was at the dance The Man, Boy and I went to see Zombieland. (Fitting, no?) It was just what I needed. A movie that's funny and gross at the same time.

Yesterday the kids and I went with friends to a corn maze. I enjoyed the maze. The kids enjoyed pelting each other (and me) with corn.
As you move through the maze you find stations that give you clues to the final secret word which earns you a prize. We only cheated at the very end of the maze because we were too tired to go back and find the last clue to solve the puzzle. After two hours of wandering, I just wanted my prize and go home!

I didn't go to work today and I'm not going tomorrow. We'll see how I feel about everything by Wednesday. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Nance said...

I'm so PROUD of you for holding your ground and ditching that job.


cannot be.